The 1st fully decentralized Open World MMORPG

Chains of The Eternals is the first open world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in DeFi. We're here to bring a revolution to the GameFi space by offering players an actual gameplay.

The game is fully hosted on chain, without centralized entities, providing a unique experience to users while playing together.

Inspired by Dofus, Cross Gate and World Of Warcraft, we have collected all the best features from our predecessors for people to enjoy what online games and DeFi have best to offer.

The big problem in gameFi

Ponzified / Gamified DApps
Centralized games with tokens
Main purpose is to earn
Low quality games / reused assets

Infinite Open World game universe with extremely balanced game economy to create robust sustainability and scalability

Open World MMORPG
Chains of The Eternals is an Open World MMORPG game with robust sustainability. Players will be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Their fate in the Eternals world will depend only on their choices.
The game is one of the first multiplayer GameFi projects of this scale and the game is designed to support up to over millions of session at the same time.
Fully on-chain
Create an ideal decentralized metaverse where players can live their adventure on their own with zero centralized entity. We removed servers, and use chains to act like a server of its own. By giving full control to the players, their characters is owned and crafted by them, the immortal way.
Play and Earn
By completing various quests, as well as killing monsters or participating in various events, users will be rewarded with $XO as well as rare loot with real trading value.
Balanced game economic
The game economy is highly balanced thanks to the $XO token and its deflationary NFTs burn mechanics – Every single items in the game will have unique characteristics making them rare to trade or own.
In-game DeFi
Chains of The Eternals integrates all popular DeFi products to further decentralize the universe : a DEX, a L&B (Lending and Borrowing protocol), an NFT marketplace, and yield optimizers for players funds.

Combining latest Blockchain and gaming technology

The team identified a way to combine smart contracts and a familiar environment for game development without compromising safety. All key actions of the players will require the execution of smart contracts, but not all: moving around the world map will not be affected by this.

Smart Contracts
11K +
Lines of code
ECDSA Encryption
We have achieved such a symbiosis way between several programming languages ​​without sacrificing security thanks to the ECDSA encryption, enforcing on chain actions to be executed within the game.
Game Engine
The world of Chains of The Eternals is being built using Unity - one of the most powerful game engines available. This allows us to create stunning 3D environments, immersive gameplay, and seamless multiplayer experiences.
Bot & cheat prevention
Players are not able to use smart contracts directly to play the game, bypassing the world map movements for example. We believe that such a decision will significantly improve the gameplay component.
Every actions on chain
Unlike “fake” web3 games, all the actions players will do will be recorded forever, and make the COTE eternal. Quests, fights, sales, PVP, escrow, trade, jobs, crafting are on chain.
Custom game editor
We built a custom game editor that interacts directly with the blockchain to add elements in the game. We plan to let the community propose ideas as well as a creative mode where they can contribute to the game.

Game insight

Procedural buildings
+56 unique zones
Character classes
4 elements
Pet system
Lands and properties
PvE fights
PvP and faction fights
Quests and rewards
Crafting & jobs economy
Rental economy

In-Game Wallet

How can non-crypto players participate in our game?

To address this, we opted to create an in-game wallet that enables unrestricted gameplay for all users.

By incorporating debit or credit card options to replenish the wallet balance, we aim to significantly increase the player base, removing any barriers for non-crypto players.

Another crucial aspect of our wallet is its automatic transaction confirmation within the game.

As our game is entirely built on the blockchain, numerous interactions with the COTE world necessitate transaction confirmation. While transactions occur almost instantly on Arbitrum Nova, we understand that this could slightly impact players' user experience.

To streamline this process, users need only replenish their wallet, and the wallet will take care of the rest.

High Availability
Easy to use
High Availability

Game characters

Have you figured out which hero you want to be?

Game NPCs and monsters

A world full of life and filled with dangerous creatures

The economics of Chains of the Eternals

Use cases of $XO

$XO is the in-game currency of the Chains of the Eternals world. The in-game economy will all be in $XO.

Subscription fees will buyback $XO and inject more liquidity into the ecosystem.
Summoner’s mint costs will go to buyback $XO and add more liquidity if needed.
Loot & resources
Loot and Resources can ONLY be exchanged with $XO.
In-game fees
Factions players will need to deposit $XO in order to be able to participate into the seasons.
Job tools
Job tools will be bought with $XO.
Game items
Game items such as health items will be bought with $XO within the game merchant.

Use cases of $COTE

Chains of the Eternals Token ($COTE) is the governance token of the game, a deflationary token by nature representing a great serve of value over time.

Earn game fees
Users stake COTE LP tokens to get a % of the fees from the game ecosystem, directly in the native token of the respective blockchain.
Users get to vote for the next exciting features of the game, but also propose their own ideas! Classes, quests, new jos, etc.
Reserve of value
As $COTE is purely deflationary and not emitted, it also represent a great reserve of value over time compared to other DeFi products.
Can be used to farm on partners AMM, earning yield in different tokens.

In-game graphics

A diverse world full of mysteries, set in a technofantasy universe with a dynamic weather and lights environment.


A diverse world full of mysteries, set in a technofantasy universe with a dynamic weather and lights environment.

  • Main ThemeChains Of The Eternals
  • ForestChains Of The Eternals
  • Fight: PVEChains Of The Eternals
  • Fight: PVPChains Of The Eternals
  • City: NeutralChains Of The Eternals
  • City: InsurgentsChains Of The Eternals
  • City: DefendersChains Of The Eternals
  • BarChains Of The Eternals
  • Bank 👀Chains Of The Eternals

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